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HR Solution

Know your employee's biometric(finger print) verified attaindance while you are in office cabin, while traveling or in a business trip.No need of big budget biometric devices with computers. A smart phone is enough for this. Time and attaindance system is being managed by one or more smart phone. The data about employee and there punch-in,punch-out time goes to the cloud based server managed by MoboSol. Privacy of employees records becomes first priority while data is not present in local computer. Dont you have a smart phone? Do you ! Then Go for it..

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CRM System

Loyal customer does not need to carry the loyalty card in the wallet. The customer's entry into the store is enough to know about there loyalty.Keep billing the cusomer while the customer is shopping without disturbing his/her privacy. Only the customer needs to reach the payment counter and pay the bill which he/she already know from the phone and customer gets the reciept of the purchase in the phone again. No need of big budget POS system, loyalty card, computer, printer, paper roll etc. Do you think your customer or your billing assintanct dont have a smart phone?

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WFM System

Work Force(employee/labor) Management is the simplest job in business, OOPs Not so simple then here is the solution. Employee scheduling, job assignment, time management, break management and most importantly effective sales management. A person who is good in selling mens garment should not be there in grocery department. No customer should remain unattainded or wrongly attainded in the business. Ultimately, a happy cusomer should go out of store. The employee gets the alert on his/her phone about the shift one month before the shift starts.

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